Welcome to SMSF

Surbhi Misra Sports Foundation (SMSF), established in 2012 by international squash star Surbhi Misra, is one of the dynamic sports management companies in India that aims to nurture and promote aspiring upcoming sportspersons and conduct sports development programmes and events for schools, colleges and corporate sector. SMSF, in just few years of its existence, built extensive sporting infrastructure and coaching facilities to help cultivate sports culture in the State. We set out to impart professional sports training to help aspiring sports-enthusiats excel in their respective sports disciplines.

Our Vision to "bring Sports Education to a professional scale in India" is kicking off great with our ever learning methodology and never-ending scalability. We train every day to train you better.

Come be a part of family of SMSF today and be a building block in the Sporting culture of India.

Highlights of SMSF

  • SMSF is one of the dynamic sports management companies in India that aims to nurture and promote aspiring talent and upcoming sportspersons. SMSF, in just few years of its existence, has build extensive sporting infrastructure and coaching facilities to help cultivate sports culture in the State.

  • SMSF is a brainchild of SURBHI MISRA, a passionate and highly motivated sports professional. Under the guidance of Surbhi and other renowned international and national coaches, SMSF is uniquely designed to help prepare sportspersons for the highest level of competition. Since its inception, SMSF has produced numerous champions at State, National and International level.

  • SMSF provides the world-class training facilities in various sport disciplines such as squash, tennis, basketball, football, archery, karate, kick boxing etc.

  • Our highly competent and finely groomed staff work one-on-one with committed young trainee’s to help them reach their full potential and refinement as sports professionals.

Our Vision

  • It is important for the development of the nation that people channelise their energies towards creating a wonderful and responsible social community. Sports can play a vital role to some extent in making this dream come true. Such a community can easily be formed by using the positive power of sports to improve lives of deserving or disadvantaged youth.

  • We believe that sports has full potential to offer various direct or indirect employment opportunities in the country. It can also easily elevate the physical fitness level of the citizens to a great extent.

  • Sports culture and philosophy has a lot to teach while serving a positive and edifying effect on people, and thus helping them to become good human beings and good citizens.

  • We wish our players to win highest number of medals in each and every international sports championships that they participate, and bring fame to our country.

  • Our prime motive is to link sports with uplift people through the spirit of sportsmanship and disciplined lifestyle, as well as bring forward our unexplored sporting talent and potential to the world.

  • We aim to promote sports in our country, and in this context, we strive to become a leading sports management company by providing the best sports management and consultation services, organising sports events, with full professionalism, integrity and social responsibility.

Our Founder

Surbhi Misra

Born in the year 1990, SURBHI emerged on the Indian squash scenario at an early age, and within a short span of time, she established herself as one of the top squash players in the country. Besides winning various State and National titles, SURBHI was a prominent member of the Indian women's squash team which won Gold Medal at SAARC Games, held in Colombo (Sri Lanka), Later she went on to play for India in the Common Wealth Games 2010, Delhi. She has been a part of the Indian women’s junior and senior team for more than 8 years. After reaching the pinnacle in the field of squash, she decided to devote her time and energy nurturing the sporting talent in the State, and endeavors to produce future champions in various sporting disciplines.
Recently, she has been serving as coach of the Indian junior girls' team for the Asian junior championship held in Amman (Jordan) 2013, Asian Junior championship held in Kish Island(IRAN) 2014 and also in the Asian Junior team championship held in Kuala Lampur( Malaysia) 2015 where the Indian girls team backed the bronze medal.


Madhur Sharma

Born and bred in Jaipur, Madhur completed his schooling from the prestigious Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, Jaipur post and his commerce graduation from the University of Mumbai. He then completed his Chartered Accountancy degree from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, Nottingham, United Kingdom. He brings in his rich financial and administrative experience of working with top consulting firms in the world. Being a sports enthusiast, Madhur represented Jaipur U-17 in the national cricket tournaments and was appointed as the Local Liaison Officer for the England Cricket Team during the Champions Trophy 2006 which gave him an enriching experience of managing a sports team at an international stage. He was later appointed as the Local Liaison Officer for the Indian Cricket Team during the Bi-lateral series with Pakistan in 2007.


  • As first step, Surbhi Misra Sports Foundation has established a squash academy with the state-the–art at Jaipur Club, where many budding squash players are being groomed under the personal guidance of Surbhi Misra. The Foundation also provides the world-class training, coaching and infrastructural facilities currently in the field of various interesting sports, such as, squash, tennis, basketball, football, archery, karate, kick boxing, etc.

  • Train with the best: SMSF prides itself for having the world-class coaching staff in a variety of sports disciplines that we offer. In our unique homely-cum-professionally elegant atmosphere, we provide customized training programmes to cater to specific needs of individual players.

  • Our staff serve round the year: Surbhi and her entire team of coaching staff serve hands-on and attend to every personal need of our trainees.

  • Compete with enthusiasts: The professional and highly motivated trainees have created very professional and conducive sporting environment at the academy which not only helps new trainees but also encourages them to compete with more vigor and dedication.

  • Comprehensive training: Get comprehensive training in various sporting disciplines through professionally designed regimen, such as drilling, technical and tactical training. We also hold physical and mental conditioning programmes and conduct lectures on food and nutrition.

  • Prepare for tournaments: We prepare a complete itinerary of state national and international tournaments and prepare our trainees accordingly. We have dedicated team of coaches who prepare each individual trainee for specific tournaments. Our coaches travel with the trainees to help them better deal with various travelling and on field pressure and devise strategies during the course of play.

  • SMSF is not just about nurturing and promoting the athletic development of individuals, but also committed to helping young people grow into well rounded and well groomed personalities by inculcating spirit of sportsmanship and disciplined regimen in life..

  • Some of the players of SMSF Academy have already made their mark at State and National level. They include Utkarsh Baheti, Jairaj Singh, Lakshit Bohra, Harsh Saraf, Ishaan Singh,Raghav Goyal, Hritika Malhotra, Nandini Kuchhal and Uditi Mishra..